basketball clinic H1A

22 februari 2019

We had a basketball clinic on January 28, from an English basketball coach. We also had to talk to him in English, that was not very strange because in the normal gym classes we also have to speak English. 

We were allowed to ask questions about his life, this was one of our questions: what was the first prize you won? We had a nice 2 hour gym class, first we started with the warm-up. During the warm-up we all learned tricks to pass the opponent. It was a fun and instructive warm-up, but also very difficult.

Then we got a technique to score in the basket. Most of them managed to score, but it remained difficult. The next thing we were doing was playing matches. We were divided over 4 teams. Then the matches started. If the ball hit the walls, the ball was out. The rules were if you scored a point, the losing team had to be out and the next team was in it. You could earn two points for each point. You could take the ball out of the opponents hands but you could not touch that person. Everyone had his turn playing and had a nice match. I found that everyone participated well and it had become a fun lesson. I learned a lot from it.

Made by: Noa Heffelaar and Yinthe Janssen H1A

Pictures can be seen here.