basketball clinic H1A

15 november 2019

Wednesday 6 November me and my class had a basketball clinic from BAL (Basketball Academy Limburg). The lesson was given by two people, 1 of them was a trainer and the other a basketball player. 

The basketballer’s name was Trey Burch Manning. He is a really good player and because of that he plays in a high league, although he is only 23. The lesson started with a video clip of some of the highlights from Trey. Then they told something about themselves. After that we did some exercises with a basketball, like dribbling to the cone and then make a circle to the cone. After that we were actually going to play. First the girls against the girls and the boys against the boys and after one match they mixed the boys and the girls. After that we did a throw out. What means that everybody was going to stand in a line and then the first one tries to throw the basketball in the hoop from a particular position. If you miss the first throw you can walk with the ball. But if the one behind you (who may start when the first throw is missed) throws the ball in before you, then you lose. There are only 2 persons in this kind of match. I really liked the lesson. And I would like to do basketball in future.  By Sjors Puts .

pictures can be seen here