Canterbury trip College freshmen

27 mei 2018

Just before the May break, our bilingual freshmen (A1e, A1f and G1b) spent three days in Great Britain. After some 8 months of bilingual education they could finally make use of their acquired English skills in real life situations like interviewing British people but also going to the bank to swap their old pound notes.

Fortunately the weather wasn’t as bad as predicted so the whole programme could be carried out as planned. Like every year we began with a walk along the white Cliffs of Dover which always offers plenty of good photo opportunities.

Obviously you can’t go to Canterbury without visiting the cathedral. This year we were fortunate enough to have 3 well-informed guides that showed us enthusiastically around the cathedral.

During the Historic River Cruise on the River Stour the guides told us some very entertaining stories about Canterbury and its history.

This year’s workshop focussed on 1 of the Canterbury Tales; The Pardoner’s Tale. After an inspiring and hilarious interpretation of the teachers, the pupils were challenged to create an even funnier version of this tale and present it on stage.

Before we went back to Dover, we stopped for a quick walk on the beach of Margate. This, however, resulted in quite a few wet feet so – since we had to unload several suitcases to take out dry socks – this took us longer than expected.

Finally, having arrived at Dover Castle, we first went into the underground hospital. After this exciting tour, the pupils had to gather information and take photos for their ‘IBU’-report.

After everyone had finished their hot meal on board the ferry back to Calais, the teachers decided it was time for a prank…

 Video made by: Evi van den Boomen G1B