Challenges re: the Brexit

14 november 2019

In the geography lesson each bilingual student has to do a presentation on a current newspaper article, which can be found in the EPAS corner. The first candidate was Fabian with his presentation about challenges that entrepreneurs face with regard to the brexit.

When is it finally going to happen?

This is the most asked question about the Brexit.

Some people just want the Brexit to happen because there is a very big delay already and other people are just tired of it.

But let’s begin with something else. What is the Brexit and what does it need to do with the EU?

Brexit stands for British exit. This refers to the UK leaving the EU.

Why does the UK want to leave the EU?

A referendum was held on Thursday 23 June 2016, to decide whether the UK should leave or remain.

Leave won by 52% to 48%.

Like Kees Kuijken said: We try as good as possible to prepare for the Brexit for around 1 and a half year. But which Brexit? And when is it going to happen? Nobody knows anything about that.

You might be wondering: Why do we need to think about this when we aren’t even living in the UK?

Think about holidays, exporting goods and even economic changes to the European union.

This affects our daily lives too. 2 years ago, we went to Canterbury. When the teachers needed to buy the tickets, it was simple and didn’t need to do special things.

But if the Brexit is going to happen, and the children of H1A need to go to Canterbury, it would be more complicated or even (almost) impossible. Because maybe you would need to use a special passport, or you needed to change your money to something new.

Why is there such a big delay on the Brexit?

Just about the only clear decision Parliament has made on Brexit since the 2016 referendum was to give formal notice in 2017 to quit, under Article 50 of the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty, a legal process setting it on a two-year path to departure. That set March 29, 2019, as the formal divorce date.

When it became clear that Parliament would not accept Mrs. May’s deal by then, the European Union agreed to push the precipice back to April 12. But the new deadline did not yield any more agreement in London, forcing Mrs. May to plead, again, for more time. European leaders insisted on a longer delay this time and set Oct. 31 as the date.

If you would ask my opinion about the Brexit, I would just call it nonsense. Why do they want to leave the EU, which continent are they going to join? Or are they even going to make a new one themselves?

If I was someone that would decide if the Brexit is going to happen or not. I would simply say. Why? Aren’t you happy in Europe?