Chinese and South African visitors at The College as part of Global Exploration Project

16 april 2015

For several years now, pupils of The College, The Philips van Horne and Kwadrant have taken part in the intercultural exchange trip organized by the Global Exploration Foundation.

During these trips to countries like South Africa, Nepal and Peru, the pupils get the chance to learn about other cultures.Not only by visiting the foreign countries but also by ‘rolling up their sleeves’ at all kinds of charity projects.

As part of the project, delegations of the countries that were visited by Global Exploration, are invited to the Netherlands in order to experience the Dutch culture.

This week delegations from China and Cape Town, South Africa paid The College a visit. The guests attended two bilingual lessons. A history lesson, during which the pupils of The College gave a presentation about the Dutch relations with China and South Africa in the past, and an English lesson, during which the Chinese and South African guests informed the TTO-pupils about the customs and traditions of their country.

Pictures can be seen in the photo gallery.