cricket challenge 2019

20 mei 2019

On Thursday the 16th of May 10 bilingual students from H2A went to Vught to participate in the regional pre-round of the TTO cricket challenge. We left at 8 am from Aan de Bron and we arrived around 9 am at the club in Vught, but we couldn’t get out of the minibus because the automatic doors wouldn’t open. So we sat there for 10 minutes until the bus driver forced the doors open manually.

At 10 am the tournament was opened by the organisation. Six teams were present, two teams failed to show up so the schedule had to be reorganised. All six teams had to play against each other and the best team would go through to the final.

The first game we played was also our best game. We scored a lot of points and defended very well so in the end we won. The second game was not that good. Our team made a few little mistakes and the other team was playing great. We lost this game. After this it was time for a lunchbreak.  

After the break we had to play 3 more games.

The third game was very exciting. It went up and down and it all came down to the very last ball. For the first time in the 8 year history of the cricket challenge a match ended in a tie. In the fourth and fifth game we did our best, but the other teams were amazingly strong. We lost them both, so no final for us, unfortunately.

After the prize giving another minibus was waiting for us at the parking lot to pick us up and bring us home. At 5 pm we arrived in Weert again, tired but satisfied.

All students found it an interesting experience and were glad they had taken part in it.

pictures can be seen here