Dublin trip H3a

11 juni 2018

Blast of a time!

From 27 – 31 May, 24 students and 2 teachers from the bilingual department of The Philips van Horne went to Dublin for a study trip.

Both students and teachers were hosted in Irish families. The students were supposed to visit 2 schools but unfortunately they canceled. Instead the students went to an island close to Howth.

Furthermore, the program contained the following:

-          Visit to St. Patricks Cathedral

-          Movie at Odeon Coolock Cinema: Avenger: Infinity War

-          Visit to Howth, a peninsula a the coast of Ireland.

-          Visit to National Archeology Museum and National History Museum

-          GAA Experience: workshops in Gaelic sports like hurling (kind of hockey with a bat), handball (squash without a racket) and football (combination of football/soccer/handball).  

-          visit the GAA stadium and a guide showed us the dressing rooms etc.

-          Traditional Ceili evening, where all students took part and the teachers in Irish dancing

-          visit the Ireland’s eye were we made pictures of an old church and watchtower

-         we made multiple hikes at the beach in the evening

It was a wonderful week with lots of sun. Both students and teachers have learned a lot about the Irish culture and their habits.

Thank you mister Giessen and miss L’Ortye!

See our pictures here