EIO Assignment Marketing H3A

4 oktober 2019

During period 1 the students of H3A worked on their first EIO-assignment for the subject economics. This is assignment is about marketing and a couple of students would like to tell you something about this assignment.

For  economics we have been instructed to tell something about our EIO-assignment. The assignment was about commercials, and we had to read an article to learn more about stereotypes of women, which are used in commercials. Their was also one exercise that goes about slogans of companies like ’’ Finger Lickin Good’’ and we had to pair the slogan with the company and obviously that one is from KFC, we liked this exercise the most. We also had to give a specific example of a way that parents can teach their children something about commercials, for example: to make them aware that things in commercials usually are very different compared to reality. We liked the EIO-assignment and also were very glad to tell something about it. Lastly, we had to choose a commercial and give a short summary about it and explain why it is a good commercial.

Anna and Bita from H3A