Emkea Krekels wins Regional Round of Junior Speaking Contest

7 februari 2017

Host of this year’s Regional Round of the Junior Speaking test was College Den Hulster in Venlo. On Monday 6th February the four School Round winners – Casper Martens (C-A2fg), Vivian Corbey (P-H2a), Emkea Krekels (C-A3g) and Sanae Zaaboul (P-H3a) – went to Venlo together with their supporting parents, friends and teachers. All four of them gave their speech (‘What broadens your horizon’) in a very convincing way. They can really be proud of themselves!

After an afternoon of interesting and emotional speeches, the jury decided that Emkea’s speech ‘The Thief of Joy’ was the winning speech of the third formers. She will be presenting Het College at the National Round on April 11th. We wish her lots of luck!

Pictures can be seen in our photo gallery.