Europe Day 2020 at Philips van Horne

6 maart 2020

On the 5th of March we organized a Europe Day at the Philips van Horne for the 2nd time. This time our TTO-students were occupied with debating, testing their knowledge about Europe and attending a presentation from the member of the European Parliament Jeroen Lenaers. First they had to prepare themselves for the debate. This was done in small groups and a few preselected statements. The preparation was followed by the debate itself, which was a very nice experience for them. Now they had to argue about their point of view on the different statements. The second activity of the day was a Kahoot quiz with all sorts of questions about the EU, some easier than others. In the afternoon MEP mr. Lenaers found time in his busy agenda to visit our school. He had our TTO students’ attention for a full hour with a presentation about his work and the EU. There was also time for asking questions to Mr. Lenaers. Overall we can look back at an active Europe Day in which our students were able to implement their knowledge and let it even grow further. 

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