Europe Day Philips van Horne

7 mei 2019

Thursday the 18th of April, we organized our first Europe Day at the Philips van Horne. All our TTO students from the grades 1, 2 and 3 were busy with several activities throughout the day. 

The students crossed their own borders in many different ways, depending on their level. Our 1st graders designed a game about an EU country, our 2nd graders designed a page for an EU newspaper and our third graders took part in a debate under the supervision of our guest for the day: Mr. Hupperetz, who is a member of the Brexit taskforce. He was kind enough to make time available in his busy schedule to give lectures about his work to each group. Some groups even participated in an EU quiz. And all the groups played the big migration game, designed by the University of Leiden. All together it was a fun and educational day for everybody involved!

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