Exchange for H2G in Reghin

8 juni 2015

Exchange for Nina, Claire, Fleur, Aimée, Lotte, Emiel, Sander, Boudewijn, Luka, Gielijan, Max, Quinten and Dani with the Alexandru Ceusianu Gimnaziul in Reghin.

Tuesday 26 May:

In the morning we went by bus to Cologna Airport and from there we had a good flight to Cluj-Napoca in Romania.

At the airport we met the Romanian teacher Elena Bacu. She took us to school by bus (2 hours), where we met our hostfamilies.

Wednesday 27 May:

We started at 9 o’clock with a maths lesson. After this we had a practical workshop rope-braiding for two hours.

After the lunch break we visited the church together with a history/geography teacher. Then we went by bus to a violin factory in Reghin.

Thursday 28 May:

At 7.45 we went by bus to the city Targu Mures. There we visited the museum of Art.

It was very busy in the city because the students of the military school had just graduated. There was an official parade on the mainstreet of the city.

After the museum we went to the Salt Mines in Praid…. 300 stairs down to the mine. Down under was a real big area with a lot of activities: visit a museum, play table tennis, play badminton, survival.

After 2.5 hours we got back to the daylight en visited the butterfly house. Unfortunately the wetter was to cold, so the butterflies didn’t fly.

We got back to the bus en drove to the Baer Lake, a famous lake in Sovata. The water in this lake is very salty.

Back in Reghin the students went home with their hostfamilies and had some private activities.

Friday 29 May:

The teachers had prepared a meeting with the Mayor of Reghin for us, but unfortunately she was not in town. The students started this day with a French lesson.

After this lesson we had a clay modelling workshop for two hours and a short lesson in religion.

At 12 o’clock the program was finished and the hostfamilies organized their own activities with the students.

Saturday 30 May:

After an early breakfast a minibus took us to the airport at 7.30h. At two o’clock we arrived at the airport in Eindhoven. The parents were waiting and happy to take everyone home.

Pictures can be seen in the photo gallery