Exchange HAVO 4 Reghin

6 juni 2017

Starting May 16th very early in the morning Jack, Germen, Mijndert, Nienke, Beaudine, Boudewijn and Nanda made a return visit to their guests from Rumania. That first day we spent in Cluj where we learned about the king Mathias’s birthplace, the religious freedom from 1568 on and its consequences and like in any large university city there were lots of pubs! After a long drive to Reghin we met the students and their parents to get a good night’s rest.

The next day started at 8 on school. After some team-building activities we worked on the questions for the mayor and we had a history lesson on count Vlad Dracul. Our visit to the town hall became a lively discussion between the students and Mayor Maria Precup. After the lunch break we had a tour through Reghin in groups.Two Rumanian students had prepaired the route and questions to go by so we actively learned the historical facts of the town. In the evening we had a basketball game and some free time.

Thursday we went to the Calamany moumtains and hiked to God’s Chair. After an exhausting climb, from which Boudewijn was first to return, we had a perfect “gulaČ™” meal at the summerhouse of Paul’s family. 

On Friday we started at school with geography, some English warming up and we learned a little Rumanian. After the lunchbreak we went to the violin maker were we practiced planing. 

Our return on Saturday was tiresome as the plane had to wait 1.5 hours to take off and in Cologne we had to wait for our bus to Weert. But thanks to our hosts, both the teachers at Lucian Blaga and the host families, we do have very good memories of this exchange.

Pictures can be seen in our photo gallery.