Exchange with three foreign schools.

28 maart 2019

On Tuesday 19 March at 9.30 the students of the Alternatív Közgazdasági Gimnázium in Budapest arrived at the Philips van Horne. 18 of these students were hosted by our 4th year TTO students and 11 of them paired up with students of H2A. To begin with, the fourth years had an introduction programme at school and in the centre of Weert, while the second years had lessons with their peers in English, followed by PE, then History, Mathematics and English. At the end of the school day we picked up the Romanian students at Eindhoven airport. The guests for our H2A were students from the Gimnasiul Alexandru Ceusianu and our fourth year guests were from the Lucian Blaga High School, both located in Reghin, Romania.

The programme for the second year students included a day with 6 lessons at the Philips van Horne, a visit to the Music Gala at the Munt theatre, a project at the NMC called Earth Day which ended with a walk through the woods escorted by an IVN guide, a visit to the Mayor of Weert, who answered lots of questions from the students, and a day at the Mondo Verde Park in Landgraaf.

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The programme for the fourth years included a day at the College where the students worked on their physical fitness as well as on IB English, and for Maths there was a guest lesson given by ASML employees. On Thursday they all did a project for Global perspectives, had a bicycle trip through the outskirts of town, went to the Mayor and in the evening visited the Munt theatre. Friday was a day in Maastricht with a visit to the Gouvernement and the caves. On Saturday the Hungarian guests took the train to Amsterdam and the Romanian students flew home.

pictures of the older group

In two weeks’ time we will be visiting our guests in return and hope to continue our cooperation in Budapest and in Reghin.