Graduation ceremony for VWO IB

12 oktober 2018

Six years ago, our first group of TTO-pioneers started their bilingual education at Het College. In the first three years, 50% of their lessons were given in English, and after a preparation year in year 4, they started the IB Diploma Program for English in years 5 and 6. They learnt all about the workings of the media, propaganda, gender issues and literature, to name but a few topics. In the May break, 24 pupils took their IB exams in an almost empty school. Their oral and written exams were assessed by examiners all over the world, which was quite an intimidating prospect, but all students succeeded and received their certificates from their English teacher Ms Leyba, who could not have been prouder of their results. Mr Stals, our headmaster, Ms Hangx, fellow IB coordinator, and Ms Engbersen, former TTO coordinator and present head of the gymnasium and TTO department, also proudly congratulated all graduates. It was a lovely evening which most alumni rounded off with a visit to the fun fair during which they were able to catch up on all their experiences in the first weeks of university.

 Photos can be found here.

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