Guest lesson by globetrotter Arjan Verhagen

17 november 2015

On 16th November, Mr Arjan Verhagen, globetrotter and father of one of our bilingual freshmen, gave an interesting guest lesson for A1E and G1B (both TTO groups). Having worked as a manager for an industrial catering company in South Africa, Australia and The USA, Mr Verhagen told the students about the political changes and important historical events during his international career. He also talked about how much he had enjoyed the wildlife and nature while living abroad.

Since he had left the Netherlands without having learnt a lot of English at secondary school, he had to work hard to improve his English skills. He told the students that they were very lucky to have the opportunity to do a bilingual education.

At the end of his presentation he emphasized the importance of looking beyond the Dutch borders after graduating because travelling and living abroad makes life so much more interesting. To put it in his own words: “It’s just amazing!”