H3A in Dublin

7 mei 2019

Students from the H3A class travelled to Dublin last Monday, accompanied by the teachers Mr van der Bergh and Mr Logister. We will try to place a short message each day about the students’ experiences. Here below you can read the first short report.

Monday 6 May:

Today we went to Eindhoven airport for the trip to Dublin. We arrived early, at one o’clock, even though we only had to be there at two. We went earlier because there were delays predicted on the way. When everyone had arrived, we went to the customs and everyone got through without any problems. At around 14.30 we went to the gates and didn’t have to wait long before boarding. After a flight of an hour and a half we arrived in Dublin at 17.40 (Dutch time). We caught a bus quite late and had to transfer and wait a further 40 minutes again for the next bus. We eventually arrived at our host families around 20.00.

Day 2 Dublin trip, Tuesday May 7.

In the morning we gathered at our fixed meeting point. From here we went to the museum. We had to wait for our guide but because of a miscommunicating he did not show up. Luckily we were able to move the appointment to the afternoon. So we visited St. Patrick Cathedral a little bit earlier as planned. In this cathedral we got free time to take a look at everything. I even lit a candle. 

Outside the cathedral we ate our lunch which we received from our host families. After the lunch we had the tour which was planned for the morning. I learned a lot from this tour about the history of Dublin and St. Patrick Cathedral. This tour was about 2 hours and 30 minutes. After this we could enjoy our movie, Avengers Endgame! 

With this we returned to our host families where we had dinner. We also took a walk with friend in the evening. It was a fun day!

Day 3 Dublin trip, Wednesday May 8.

Every day we gather at 8.00 at our meeting point. We took the bus to the sport area (GAA Experience the Game). This morning we practiced 3 sports; squash, hurling, Gaelic football.

After the sports we went to the Natural History Museum. In this museum they had a lot of stuffed animals. This museum is also called the Dead Zoo and besides free time we also had to do assignments in this museum. After the Dead Zoo we went to the National Archaeology Museum. It was interesting but we were also very tired after the busy morning and the previous museum.

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