Hungarian and Rumanian guests for P-H2G.

9 april 2015

On Tuesday March 31st the pupils from H2G were waiting at the Philips van Horne for their guests to arrive. The pupils from the Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Általános Iskola in Erd came by bus, so it took them 16 hours to arrive at our school, which they did at 10:30 am. After an introduction at school the Hungarian guests were happy to go home with their hosts.

The hosts of the Rumanian pupils still had to wait until 16:00 h., as the guests from the Alexandru Ceusianu Gimnaziul in Reghin arrived at Eindhoven airport around 14:30 h.

On Wednesday morning the first lesson was English from Mrs. Kempen. She had planned a really active start of the day, which you can see at the pictures. Also the P.E. lesson, conducted by Mr. Van Dijk and Mr. Op ’t Eynde, was no sitting down. After the break we first had a celebration for the participants in the international Geller David mathematics contest. Then the pupils worked on questions for the mayor. At twelve we walked up to the townhall to have a meeting with Mr. Heijmans, the mayor of Weert. Thanks to a very interested “head of the town” this became a lively discussion.

The school day ended with an exploration of the city. At seven pm. all the pupils of H2G and their guests came to the theatre to enjoy the musicgala. The foreign students and their teachers were impressed by the performances of the “Weerter” students.

The next day, Tuesday April 2nd, was a day at the fun park Toverland and even the teachers had a wonderful time there.

The last day of the exchange in Weert we visited the “Natuur en Milieucentrum de IJzeren Man” to conduct some environmental researches. Here we got a lot of attention from the local press like the local newspaper and television.

Saturday morning at 6:30 am. the Hungarian bus was ready to leave and we said goodbye to students and teachers until May 25th, when 13 students of H2G will visit Erd for a week.

A bit later that morning, around twelve o’clock at Eindhoven airport, we waved of the Rumanian students and their teachers. The other 13 pupils of H2G will visit Reghin from 26 until 30 May.

See the pictures here.

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