in Love with Shakespeare

6 december 2018

On Tuesday 20/11/2018 H3A had a theatre-workshop with the Phileas Fogg Theatre Company. It started with some explanation about performing on stage. If you do a presentation or everything like that, than you basically have to play a role. Then they explained that in theatre, you have to exaggerate everything, so if you have to act like a big brown bear, you don’t just say ‘Rawwww’ but you really have to shout it. Then we had to act like a big brown bear. It was really funny because everyone tried their best and acted crazy. Then they divided us in 2 groups; ‘the actors’ and ‘the sound effects.’

The actors went into a different room and quickly prepared for a show, while the sound effect-people were preparing the sound effects, which we had to make ourselves by only using our mouth or several instruments. After everything was set, we performed the play. It was a lot of fun because the actors didn’t know what the sound effects would be like and vice versa.

After that play, we played some other fun games and then we got divided in to groups again, but this time 3. All three groups got 3 different cards, one card with a kind of play, one with the roles and one with a special, famous sentence Shakespeare once said. The plays were a changed version of a famous Shakespeare play.

The first group:

One group had a play about an Indian group and a cowboy group and how they hated each other, but then an Indian fell in love with a cowboy and they got married to each other. The brother of the Indian got furious and tried to stop it, but then the cowboy killed the brother. Also the father of the Indian girl was furious and forced his daughter to marry an Indian, but the daughter obviously didn’t want that. So she played dead, but then, the cowboy saw her ‘dead’ and killed himself because he couldn’t live without her. Then the girl woke up and saw her husband, dead. So she killed herself too. Then the father ran in and saw is daughter dead, so he killed himself too.

The second group:

The second group had a play about an old king who had 3 daughters. The king knew he was going to die very soon, so he had to give away his kingdom. The 3 princesses had to give a reason why they loved their dad. Two of them gave the reason: because you bought me a Ferrari. The other daughter said: because you are the best father someone could wish for. The king then decided to throw the 3rd princess in prison and gave his kingdom to his other 2 daughters. The new queens decided to make their first task putting their father in prison. When the father came in prison, he saw the 3rd daughter and told her he was sorry, but the 3rd daughter didn’t find that enough so she killed herself, which made her dad get a heart attack.

The last group:

The last group had a play which was about a man who had 2 employees. He had a favourite one and gave him a beer. The 2nd employee got furious. She was the best employee! Out of jealousy, the 2nd employee told her boss that his wife cheated om him with the 1st employee. So the boss went to his wife and asked if she cheated. ‘no’ she said. He killed her for lying. Then an old lady came in and asked what happened. The boss became furious because she asked, and killed the old lady too. Then the 1st employee walked in again and saw the dead woman. ‘why did you do that?!’ he asked. ‘Because you slept with my wife!’ the boss answered. The 1st employee started laughing. ‘I didn’t sleep with your wife! I’m gay!’ The boss got mad again. He killed the 1st employee and then also himself out of guilt.

We had a lot of fun during this Theatre workshop and I hope we’ll get something like this again very soon.

pictures can be seen here