in Love with Shakespeare

31 januari 2020

On Thursday Januari 23rd class H3A had a theatre-workshop with Mary and Ben, two actors of the Phileas Fogg Theatre Company. They started with some explanation about performing on stage. If you do a presentation or anything like that, than you basically have to play a role. Then they explained that in theatre, you have to exaggerate everything, so if you have to act like a big brown bear, you don’t just say ‘Rawwww’ but you really have to shout it. After acting as a big brown bear we had to use Shakespeare’s language. We had to insult each other using a list of words we hadn’t seen before and without knowing the meaning of the words. We had to use body language and gestures while insulting each other. It was really funny because everyone tried their best and acted crazy. Then they divided us in 2 groups; ‘the actors’ and ‘the sound effects.’

The actors went into a different room and quickly prepared for a show, while the sound effect-people were preparing the sound effects, which we had to make ourselves by only using our mouth or several instruments. After everything was set, we performed the play. It was a lot of fun because the actors didn’t know what the sound effects would be like and vice versa.

After that play, we were divided in 4 groups. Every groups got 3 different cards, one card with a kind of play, one with the roles and one with a special, famous sentence of a play by Shakespeare. After a short preparation each group played a new version of an old famous Shakespeare play. 

This workshop was a really engaging activity.

Pictures can be seen here