Interesting speeches at annual Junior Speaking Contest

16 januari 2016

On Thursday 14 January 2016, the school round of the annual Junior Speaking Contest took place at the Philips van Horne. 10 students from Het College and Philips van Horne competed to find the best public speaker among the 2nd and 3rd year students of each school.

This year the theme was "Simply Speechless" and students gave their own interpretations of what exactly this meant to each of them:

Jens Vossen (C A2H): What makes people speechless

Femke Pijs (P H2A): Food, Glorious Food

Tristan Vorselen (C A2G): Saint Nicolas

Raf Beris (P H2A): Freedom

Emma Cost (C A3H): Porpheria

Wissal Mephtah (P H3A): Prejudice

Valerie van Heugten (C G3B): What is speechless?

Jacky Sprakel (C A3G): Deaf and Mute

Gielijan van der Laan (P H3A): Human beings

Famke Langedijk (C A3G): Alzheimer's

The speeches varied greatly and were of a very high standard, impressing the judges with their message, relevance to the theme and their excellent command of the English language, which made the judging extremely difficult. The judges finally decided on the 4 winners:

Het College:

Jens Vossen (A2H)

Famke Langedijk (A3G)

Philips van Horne:

Femke Pijs (H2A)

Gielijan van der Laan (H3A)

Congratulations to the winners and also to all the students who took part in the contest. Well done!

 Pictures can be seen in our photo gallery.