Junior Speaking Contest Philips van Horne school round.

9 februari 2019

On Thursday 7th February  2019, the school round of the annual Junior Speaking Contest took place at the Philips van Horne. 9 students in total from the Philips van Horne (three 2nd year students and no less than six 3rd year students) competed to find the best public speaker among them. This year the theme was "What makes the world go round?" and students gave their own interpretations of what exactly this meant to each of them. The speeches varied greatly and the judges were impressed by the students’ grasp of the English language and their ability to answer questions spontaneously. The judges finally decided on the 2 winners:

Tijmen Krikke (H2A) with his speech titled, “Think Differently”

Vera Vanlier (H3A) with her speech titled, “A Friendly World”

Congratulations to both the winners and all the other speakers for their courage and skills in performing in front of an audience. The other speakers were: Joey Zaalberg and Emma van Herten (H2A); Dhamayanti de Clonie Mac Lennan, Joris Heijligers, Lieke Kapteijns, Pippa Zoon and Stan Heerschap (H3A). Well done to all of you.

pictures can be seen here