Little Victorians

10 april 2018

On Tuesday, 3rd April, the first form H1A took part in a spectacular drama workshop about children during the Victorian Age.

The Phileas Fogg company, with their two professional actors, Charlie and Heather, took the students through various activities in workshop form, including the Pure Finders, Chimney Sweeps, the Hackers in the coal mines, the child laborers in the cotton mills and the orphans in the workhouse, etc.

After practicing all their parts, the students performed the finale. Both the workshop and the final performance were acted out in front of the parents and families. Not only was the show spectacular, with the costumes and make-up, it was also very informative and highly entertaining, even shocking at times. All in all, a fantastic evening.
Many thanks to Phileas Fogg.

pictures can be seen here.