Lyrical language workshops at Philips van Horne for H1A, H2A and H3A.

27 november 2015

Lyrical language workshops at Philips van Horne for H1A, H2A and H3A.

Australian Michael Keoghan established Lyrical Language so he could combine his love of singing and teaching with history telling.

The workshops are themed around a period of about 150 years starting with the first fleet sailing from England to Australia in 1788. The story is divided into three chapters, each referring to specific occupants of Australia in that time.

For each group Michael chose one song which symbolizes that period in Australia. The classic songs bring the historical events and social issues of the times to life. They provide an opportunity to use and improve English through role-playing and singing.

The first theme was the struggle of the convicts, who were sent to the new country. Followed by the bushrangers who not always were criminals and the last part was for the swagmen.

This provided songs like Botany Bay, The wild colonial boy and Waltzing Mathilda. Michael explained the lyrics and gave plenty of opportunity to sing along. Like one of the teachers said afterwards: ”now I understand the lyrics of that song!”

The Lyrical Language workshops were a great combination of education and fun. By using the lyrics of classic songs and the stories behind them, Michael taught English and history in an interactive way which made it more lively and interesting for everyone.

Pictures of the workshops can be seen in our photo gallery.