Romeo & Juliet for H1A and H2A.

31 januari 2020

On January 23 our 1st and 2nd year bilingual students were engaged in an evening show titled Romeo & Juliet. Family and friends were allowed to come and watch. All students from H1A and H2A came to school and gathered in a classroom opposite the F canteen. There were 2 actors from Phileas Fogg Theatre Company who instructed the students. First the students of both classes were mixed and then they were divided into 2 groups. The actors explained what the students had to do in the F canteen later. Once the students were in the F canteen, the play was rehearsed piece by piece. The space was divided into 2 sides, one for the Capulet family and one for the Montagues. Both groups rehearsed simultaneously but separately. In the end it was mixed and it became a long play. The audience could see on both sides how the parts were practiced. Everyone got a role and had a few lines to say. Students had to remember their part and implement it in the play later. Some children had also received clothing to make the play more fun. After both parts were practiced well enough it was time to perform the play. The two Phileas Fogg actors also played a role themselves, the man was Romeo and the woman was Juliet. By now every student played their part. Everyone did really well and it was a really fun to watch. The audience enjoyed it very much. 

Pictures can be seen here