Shakespeare Workshop for H3A

19 januari 2018

On Friday Januari 12 the students of H3A did a workshop with the Phileas Fogg Theatre Company. After a warming up they had to start this drama lesson with cursing their neighbour in Elizabethan language. That turned them into practitioners of the language.

The theatre company states that : Through Interactive Drama, we aim to demystify Elizabethan language, demonstrate the relevance of Shakespeare’s works and the magic and beauty of his poetry. All students gain PRACTICAL experience and the chance to examine Tudor living, Elizabethan manners and the background in which Shakespeare plays and sonnets are set.

The students worked together as Elizabethan actors and performed a play.

Having done that they presented, in groups, their own versions of Shakespearian plays to the other teams.

This Interactive Workshop gives the students a chance to appreciate why so many fall “In Love With Shakespeare”.

pictures can be seen here