story teller at Philips van Horne

25 november 2019

Thursday 21 November the English storyteller, Nell Phoenix, visited the Philips van Horne to work with our bilingual (TTO) students.

She had repertoire of a variety of traditional tales from different countries and a very lively way of narrating them. To begin with, our first year students of class H1a Nell told an ancient tale about a young and beautiful Inuit girl called Sedna and her father and described the origin of the Goddess of the Sea.

At the start of the next lesson, Nell asked the students what kind of tale they wanted to hear. This time class H2A chose a romantic scary story about a fisherman and their second choice got us laughing with the story of an old lady meeting a young girl in the bus.

The H5TTO students listened to the stunning story of Nell’s humourless old friend and after that they did some energetic exercises. 

pictures can be seen here

 “Nell Phoenix is a London-based professional storyteller with a global reputation for telling tales that excite and arouse the imagination. Her stories are traditional, re-told to amaze, provoke wonder and awe, and to make you laugh! Nell travels to all parts of the UK and abroad to share her stories with audiences of all ages.”