Team Het College naar Tonbridge Grammar School

17 maart 2015

Group Round

Teams work to solve ten questions of varying type and difficulty. The team must decide their own strategy: whether to work in pairs, individually or as a team, to answer the questions in the time allowed.


Similar to a crossword but with numerical answers. Teams work in pairs. One pair has the across clues, and the other pair has the down clues. Pairs work independently to complete the grid using logic and deduction.


Teams compete against the clock to correctly answer a series of four questions. Each team is divided into Pair A (given Questions 1 and 3) and Pair B (given Questions 2 and 4). Question 1 can be solved independently of the others, but the answer to each subsequent question is dependent on the previous answer, referred to as T in Questions 2, 3 and 4 (e.g. "T is the number that you will receive.").


Teams split off into pairs, with pairs taking it in turns to solve problems. This event involves lots of movement as well as mathematics.
A race against the clock with lots of lively activity and excitement.