Team Mathematics Challenge Philips van Horne

17 juni 2019

Friday June 14 Yinthe, Sophie, Emma and Quinn took part in the national mathematics competition for bilingual schools.

This Challenge was organised at Broklede in Breukelen and presented by Tonbridge Grammar School. There were 4 rounds of 45 minutes. After the group competition which consisted of 10 questions the team was split up into pairs to do the cross number. In this round one pair got the down clues and the other pair had to answer the across clues. The third round was the shuttle which was also done in pairs. The last round was the relay. In that round not only mathematics was involved, it was also a speed competition. At the end of the day our team agreed on this last round being the best part of the challenge.

Although we did not win we certainly had an enjoyable day working just on math problems!

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