The David Geller International Math Contest.

6 april 2014

The David Geller International Math Contest.

David Geller was a renowned math teacher at the Alexandru Ceusianu Gimnaziul in Reghin.

To honour him, his “old school” founded about a decade ago the David Geller Math Contest. This year schools in Hungary, Moldova, Rumania and the Netherlands participated.

At the Philips van Horne school we had 18 participants: 10 students from the first HAVO TTO form and 8 students from the second HAVO TTO form.

Because of the exchange between our two schools, the Philips van Horne received 13 pupils with 3 teachers and their principal from the Alexandru Ceusianu Gimnaziul last week. So we arranged a special award ceremony together with our Rumanian guests.

The headteacher Emese Ungvari from Alexandru Ceusianu handed out the prizes for the winning Dutch students. Our students did very well. For the category of non-Rumanian participants they won two first prizes, Jack Comijns, first form, and Damian van Veldhoven, second form, and one third prize, Arjan van der Heijden. Furthermore, all the participants received a certificate for taking part in this extra-curricular contest as did their teacher Mr de Bruijn.