The EELLSS convention

8 november 2017
The EELLSS convention
Puck, Jente, Kevin and Mick

Four of our H3A students, Jente, Puck, Kevin and Mick, took part in the learning lab on soil science in Kassel. Here you can read their report.

Thursday we went by car to Kassel. We went with two cars. When we arrived in Kassel our host family’s took us to their house. We just talked a bit with them and to get to know them. Then we went to bed.

The next morning we went to school. We did some games to get to know all the other students. There were students from Sweden, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Latvia and Germany. Then we did with our host students a trip through the school. It was a very big school with a swimming pool, organ and a school cafeteria. Then we tasted treats from all countries, every country bought something special to eat. It was very delicious and nice to see what all countries brought.

All the participants brought a special treat from their country and the entire school came tasting. I've never seen so many small kids around me trying to get some food.

After that we had to do our presentation, the bad thing was that it didn't go that well but the good thing was that the German students couldn't understand any of the things we said.

Before lunch we had an art project, we had to make drawings of different words relating to geography.

We lunched at the cafeteria in the school, the German kids got delicious burgers but we got some disgusting spaghetti with pesto and a little bit of weird purple yoghurt with fried unions as cereal.

We planned to go to a supermarket close by but when we were half way we realized that we wouldn't have enough time and it started raining. When we came back to school we were soaking wet.

Later we took the bus to a museum and even though the man tried his best it was the most boring thing ever.

When we were finished at the museum we went into town had some great food at mc Donald's, sung a few songs and played truth or dare but without truth.

In the evening we went to a kind of restaurant, the food wasn't good but it was great and the funniest thing ever, we talked to some other Dutch students who were amazing.


We arrived at the school and we could talk to each other after that we went with the tram to the hall where we had to give our presentation. We needed to setup our stand and so we did.

In the time we did that they showed the photos of the previous day on a big screen.

When we were done with setting up our stand we were supposed to perform our idea.

We also needed to judge the other groups so Puck and I were going to judge the other groups and Mick and Jente were presenting our idea.

We told lots about which problems we had and how we solved these problems and about which experiments we have and we also have two examples of tests in our stand, the Ph level and the soil texture test.

When we were finished with presenting we went said our thanks and goodbyes and went home

The pictures are here.