Time changes in Europe.

22 november 2019

I prefer to freeze time.

Here are the 3 main points of my article 

1.      in the 1st World War they thought it was a good plan to add an extra summer hour so that an extra hour of daylight would save on coal for the war industry.
2.      After setting out a questionnaire people reacted if they wanted to change the summer and the winter time. And it’s really important that everybody should respond because everyone has to agree.
3.      When it comes to a conclusion the citizens often have to change their time and eventually the most people wanted the winter time.
How does the article relate to the EU:
It relate to the EU because it is pretty important to know the time in the EU and it’s a topic the EU to my opinion will discuss.
How does the article relate to our everyday lives?
Pretty much everything because we have to know our time of the day and it’s really important because if we are arguing about time it’s really hard to have a meeting?!
What is your opinion about the subject of the article?:
My opinion is that we do have to make rules about the time and about summer and winter time.  These rules every country should hold on to so we won’t have to argue about time rules anymore and we can focus on more important stuff that is happening around the world.
by Ferre Paar H2a