TTO certificates at the Philips van Horne.

7 oktober 2019

Friday 4 October 2019 we celebrated the results of the Anglia exams and the IB exams of last school year.

The 14 students of last year HAVO 5 TTO received the IB diploma and the TTO senior certificate and the 18 students of last year H3A received the Anglia diploma and the TTO junior certificate.

After the congratulations of the Bilingual education team leader the IB teacher, Mrs Kempen, and the mentor of H3A, Mr. Feddahi each took their own group to recall some special TTO moments for these students and finally handed them their diploma.

In the canteen “de Toren” each student who finished the junior TTO was personally addressed by the mentor, before handing out the certificates. We also got a nice overview of all the special activities these students did in the last two years. We hope they will complete the next years of their TTO-HAVO education in the same way we experienced their participation and interest in the preceding years.  Pictures can be seen here.

The alumni also saw some pictures of the extra activities they did during their last two years of bilingual education. Their teacher had a personal speech for every student and the students were proud to tell about their new study. Pictures can be seen here.

We congratulate all our students with these internationally acknowledged certificates.