TTO Junior Certificate for Philips van Horne

24 september 2018

At the bilingual network meeting on September 19th the Philips van Horne school's tto-junior certificate was prolonged. The report of the inspection on the 4th of April 2018 included the following:

The bilingual (TTO) team at the Philips van Horne is extremely committed. The team of bilingual teachers has invested considerable time in giving lessons to only 1 or 2 bilingual classes, but they do this gladly and with great pleasure. A substantial amount of time and effort has been put into creating a real sense of team spirit. Teachers and coordinator also indicated to the committee that they feel supported by the management team.

From the talks with pupils and parents it appears that both parties are very pleased with the bilingual programme and the communication between school and the home front. Pupils and their parents are proud  of the fact that they are able to follow a bilingual programme at the Philips van Horne.

Congratulations on the extension of the Bilingual Junior Certificate (TTO-juniorcertificaat)!