Two day trip to Canterbury for ‘TTO’-freshmen of ‘Het College’ and ‘de Philips van Horne’

30 april 2014

On Thursday afternoon the students were welcomed by four drama teachers of the Kent Youth Theatre at St. Anselm’s Catholic School. After an inspiring warm-up, the students were challenged to prepare and present their own Canterbury Tales. The afternoon was concluded by the presentations of the different groups. The workshop leaders thanked the students for their enthusiasm and complimented them on their English.
At five o’clock the students were taken to the city center for a quick souvenir hunt. Unfortunately a few young ladies weren’t at the meeting point in time, so two well-trained teachers had to run back to pick them up! Although this meant a half hour delay, the host families were still waiting at the car park in Ramsgate.
The next morning, at eight, all the students were dropped off at the car park. Three quarters of an hour later, the group arrived at Canterbury for a historic river cruise, a city walk and a visit to the cathedral. Besides this busy schedule there was also some spare time to have lunch or buy a few gifts (like fudge!) and souvenirs. Everybody was present at the meeting point in time, so the buses could leave Canterbury at two p.m. as planned.
Despite a delay of the ferry, the group arrived in Weert at half past eleven. Here the parents were waiting for their tired, but slightly hyperactive children who probably had lots of stories to tell. Check photobook.