Wissal, Huib, Lotte and Aase win School Round Junior Speaking Contest 2015

16 januari 2015

This year’s theme inspired the students to think about the effects of having too much of a good thing. They shared their ideas about having too much sleep, money, power and free time.

Before the winning speeches were announced, presenter and organizer of the JSC School Round Juliette Kempen emphasized that in fact all contestants were winners. It is not an easy task to present your ideas logically and convincingly in front of a large group of people, but although some of the contestants had to overcome their nervousness, they all gave a great speech! This experience will increase their confidence which will definitely help them in their future studies and jobs.

The winning speeches were given by 2nd year students Wissal Mephtah (Philips van Horne) and Huib Baetsen (Het College) and 3rd year students Lotte van Helmond (Het College) and Aase Wip (Philips van Horne). The four of them will represent the TTO-department of LVO Weert in the regional round of JSC 2015.

The participants in the School Round were:

Year 2:

Joey van Nieuwenhoven : Power
Carmen Brauer: Motherly love and babies
Séan Loney: Sleep
Jacky Sprakel: Belief
Lieke Steijvers: Money
Puck Rooijakkers: Free time
Wissal Mephtah: Money
Tijl Peters: Gaming (absent)
Huib Baetsen: Borders:

Year 3:

Suzanne Hendriks: Snow
Joris van Buul: When does good become bad?
Aase Wip: Criticism
Lotte van Helmond: Too many studies
Patrick Brouwers: Growth

Pictures can be found in our photo galery.